21,457 keyframes. 18,844 layers. 1,012 compositions. Insane, nuts? 18bis's latest reel depicts the creative work of the studio through a fun narrative.


Me Bird

Stratastencil animation, dance and poetry take flight in this short film by 18bis. A diversified artistic experimentation creates the story of a ballerina on a journey towards freedom.



Challenged with the theme "seamless transition," 18bis created a colorful motion piece for the v21n1 issue of the prestigious design magazine IdN.



The animation presents Acer's National Services Center, an efficient problem-solving structure for customers.


Sonhos, Rêves

Animated collages inspired by the fantastical universe of dreams. Hybrid creatures, inked drawings and cutouts are the main characters of this motion graphics series.


de Livros

A virtual library containing hundreds of titles. In this fun narrative, books literally fly across the sky.



The music video presents symbolic concepts such as time, experience and remembrance. An imaginary world was built using objects collected from everyday life.



Animation for the launch of a crowdfunding campaign. Meu Rio is a powerful network that helps the city of Rio by promoting social mobilization to support multiple causes.


do rio

18bis developed a motion identity for the biggest cycling competition in Brazil. An animated series provided useful information about safe riding.


brings together the complementary viewpoints of creative duo Gabriel Kempers and Maria Ilka Azêdo.

With over eight years of experience across the audiovisual industry, the creative directors teamed up to create a studio with one clear philosophy: creative freedom.

Gabriel, the Animation Director, could just as well have been a rap drummer. Instead, he incorporates rhythm as a core principle of his language, employing a playful style and cadence.

Maria Ilka is the Art Director and also a former somnambulist. Today, her waking hours are split between building dream-like scenarios and satisfying her sweet tooth in the mornings.

The studio's name, 18bis, was inspired by the most prodigious creation by Brazilian inventor Santos Dumont -- the airplane 14bis, which helped change the way people interact and connect with each other. 18bis takes flight and journeys through this inventive atmosphere, working through the convergence of medias and techniques.

18bis's essence is a mixture between craftsmanship and computer, a conspiracy between ink and light. Poetry and keyframe. Drawing and rhythm. Sight and storytelling. All of these methods are forged together and infused in every single frame, with love.

film festivals

Anima Mundi International Film Festival

ArtFields South Carolina Art Festival

Cinema Jove Valencia International Film Festival

Cutout Fest International Animation Festival

Expotoons International Animation Festival

Fest Anca International Animation Festival

Festival Internacional des Très Courts

File Electronic Language International Festival

Interfilm Berlin International Short Film Festival

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